Crime and Society

The Crime and Society Pathway at Career 6 prepares learners for university places in areas such as social work, counselling, criminology, law, psychology as well as a range of related subjects as well as professional higher apprenticeships.

The combination of 3 or 4 A levels in Psychology, Sociology, English literature, Criminology and/or Law will create a programme of study suitable for further study, or work in the future.

A Levels are a two-year programme of study, available in a variety of subjects. You will need to select three or four or you can select two or three A Levels and study these alongside a BTEC qualification in your chosen career path.

Crime and Society Pathway

Career Opportunities

Following the Crime and Society pathway could lead you to the following careers:

  • Crime Supervisors
  • Criminal Duty Lawyers
  • Police
  • Counter Fraud Investigator
  • Financial Crime SAS Analyst
  • Public Law / Regulatory Solicitor

and other careers in this sector.

Calculate your average GCSE points score for A Level courses.

For A Level courses you will need ALL of the following:

  1. At least 8 GCSEs including English and maths
  2. An average point score appropriate for your chosen pathway from all your GCSE subjects

Entry requirements: GCSE grade point average overall 5.7

Your average GCSE point score is: