Cyber Security, Digital and Ethical Hacking

The new Cyber Security, Digital and Ethical Hacking Pathway at Career 6 for 2017 covers all the essentials required for those interested in a career or further study in Computing.

Knowing how hacking is done is essential to stop it happening, so we are pleased to be training the future generation of cyber security experts.

A Levels are a two-year programme of study, available in a variety of subjects. You will need to select three or four or you can select two or three A Levels and study these alongside a BTEC qualification in your chosen career path.

Cyber Security, Digital and Ethical Hacking Pathway

Career Opportunities

Following the Cyber security, Digital and Ethical Hacking Pathway could lead you to the following careers:

  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Security Engineering
  • Project Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • PCB Layout Engineer
  • Principal Engineer

and other careers in this sector.

Calculate your average GCSE points score for A Level courses.

For A Level courses you will need ALL of the following:

  1. At least 8 GCSEs including English and maths
  2. An average point score appropriate for your chosen pathway from all your GCSE subjects

Entry requirements: GCSE grade point average overall 5.7

Your average GCSE point score is: