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Law School

This pathway is ideal for anyone who wants to work in areas including Law and Criminology

The Law School pathway looks at how the ways of living developed from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places and values.

These subjects allow you to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to evaluate, consider and debate about issues. Students from this pathway have progressed on to higher education to study at many top universities after achieving top grades. At Career 6, you will benefit from studying in a higher education environment with smaller class sizes than schools and sixth form colleges.

You will be supported throughout your time with us to realise your potential with individual and expert support. We provide the opportunity for you to visit local universities and participate in work with them. Our uniquely planned timetable allows you to undertake work experience placements, and meet professionals from the police and law. You will see how your subjects link to your career plans through visits to local law courts and prisons, the National Crime Museum, the Houses of Parliament, and even the United Nations assembly and International Red Cross in Geneva.

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What Will I Study?

A Level Law is an exciting course that aims to provide you with a coherent introduction to the study of the legal sector. The programme enables you to investigate aspects of criminal law and the legal system, learn how legal disputes are solved and how to apply the law.

What Can I Do With My law Qualification?

The programme allows students to develop their employability skills and many Law students progress into a career within the legal sector gaining an apprenticeship in Law or other related fields. Popular careers include Legal Secretary, Legal Executive or Paralegal.

What Will I Study?

On this course, you will develop skills and knowledge gained from the GCSE to effectively prepare you for your next steps at higher education. You will study a wide range of texts which will extend your experience and appreciation of literature. Working from a belief that no text exists in isolation but is a product of the time in which it was produced, this A Level encourages you to explore the relationships that exist between texts and contexts within which they are written, received and understood. By doing this, you will be able to investigate and connect texts, draw out patterns of similarity and difference using a variety of reading strategies and perspectives. This A level develops a broad range of transferable skills to complement the other subjects on this pathway.

What Will I Study?

Criminology is the study of why individuals commit crimes. By understanding why crimes are committed, we can develop ways to control crime or rehabilitate the criminal. You will develop skills to research policy in practice, assess campaigns for changes in awareness and examine information to review criminal cases.

What Can I Do With My Criminology Qualification?

By studying this qualiļ¬cation students will gain the knowledge to progress and consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice sector e.g. Probation Service or to university to study for a degree in the crime and society field.