Travelling to Career 6

We’ve made it really easy for you to get to Career 6. As part of the TEC Partnership, we are one of the few sixth forms in the UK to run our own fleet of coaches.

If you live in one of the following areas then you’ll be able to travel for FREE* to and from Career 6:

* The travel costs of eligible bursary recipients will be subsidised by their bursary award.

Lincolnshire County Council Travel Pass

Students who live in Lincolnshire and are aged 16-18 years can apply for subsidised travel with the Lincolnshire County Council Travel Pass. You can apply for the scheme through Home to College Transport either online at or call the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782020.

Once your application is approved they’ll send you a letter to confirm you’ve been accepted. If you then send this letter to our Admissions and Finance Office, they will be able to assist you with information about any available reimbursements, subject to eligibility and availability of funds. For more information contact us on 01472 311231.

Other support with travel costs

If you can’t catch one of our coaches and you live outside the Lincolnshire County Council Travel Pass catchment area, you may still be entitled to financial support for travel through the Bursary Scheme. If you’re eligible for the Bursary and live more than one and a half miles away we will use part of your Bursary allocation to pay for transport on a local bus service. For further information call 01472 311231.

To make things even easier we’ve put all our bus routes in one place on our website at or you can call 01472 311231 for more information or to reserve your place.